Saturday, November 29, 2014


Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "As I was looking for something around the house I found a box of sparklers. It made me think of long exposure photography like light trails and inspired me to go out and try to do some of my own. It was my first time so I didn't have very much luck with the sparklers and decided to play around with the lighter. I got some really great shots.."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two Perspectives

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "Bethany and I took a shot of this at the same moment and the outcome was hilarious and surprising because the same thing had happened earlier that same day with Bethany as the subject of the photo."

Worlds Friendliest Squirrel

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "This was the most friendly squirrel I had ever met. He was surrounded by five people in a tight circle, with three camera lenses right in his face--but that wasn't an issue for him. Mind you, this photo is not zoomed in…I was actually this close." (Downtown, Boston)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Knick Knacks

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "Bethany and I were looking for a place to get coffee and a little bite to eat before we began our photo-shoot but instead we starting the day off immediately by crowding around one of the small knick-knack kiosks. It was a beautiful cool day. We were productive and made connections with street performers on the way."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jammin' Piano Guy (Ben Knight)

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "Mario and I were walking around Faneul Hall on a beautiful day when we saw this awesome pianist jamming' out. He was amazing, and his facial expressions were priceless. I couldn't help but to take a million photos of him!"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slow Neighborhood Stroll

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

           After a very fun day spent with a friend I ended up at home with nothing to do, so I decided to go for a long slow stroll around my neighborhood. It was very calming. I examined everything and took my time.

Transitioning out of "summer vacation mode" has gotten in the way of our Monday outings. We are trying to figure something out but for now there will be a shortage of posts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Modern, Yet Very Vintage, Bike.

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "This was one of the first shots I had taken using the fully manual film camera. Having only a few shots left on the reel, I wanted to only take photos I thought looked great. Taking a glimpse of my surroundings, this bike caught my attention. It was modern, yet vintage. I got down on one knee, adjusted my lens and such--then snapped the photo, having no idea how perfect it was. Mario developed the film, and vuala, here it is." (Taken in Back Bay, Boston)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Water Reflections

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "We met up at 10 in morning and started the day by dropping off a roll of film. We then made our way to an entrance to the Arboretum and walked for 5 hours. We wandered without thinking about a way out and ended up in West Roxbury. We walked by a stream and I really liked the reflection the still water made. I snapped a burst of shots and this is what I got."

Flower Petal Trail

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "When Mario and I approached the bridge, I noticed this odd trail of flower petals. It was especially strange since there weren't really any flowers blooming in the woods, and if there were, they were very tiny and white. Seeing this made me imagine two lovers walking across the bridge, unknowingly leaving a trail of bright orange and yellow flower petals. It was a comforting sight since the rest of the woods was all green."

A Letter From Bethany

Dear viewers,
          Lately, I have been working more with my SLR (film) camera and have not taken very many photos with the DSLR (digital) camera. As you have all probably noticed, there has been a very obvious lack of blog posts--this is the reason why. After I have fulfilled my thirst for film cameras and gotten my share of good developed shots, I shall return to mainly using digital. Until then, expect nothing much of me on this blog. I do have a few shots here or there with the DSLR, though. They will be seldom shared.

Thanks for checking out our blog!
Bethany Owens <3

Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Experimentation with Reversed Lenses

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "We visited the closest camera shop a while ago to purchase some things. I was disappointed to find out that they do not have any lens reversing rings. The next best thing is to purchase one online. So for now I'm stuck with the aggravating fiddly octopus method. A tripod helps a ton so I guess I'll be OK for now..."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hilarious Phone Wallpaper Design Faux Pas

(The phone case she purchased pictured above.)
Designed by: Mario Jarjour

          "Bethany had gotten a new case for her phone and the wallpaper she had installed didn't match anymore, so she asked me to make her a new wallpaper. We Skyped so that she could see what I was doing. I started off making the beige mess, which at the time she thought looked nice. I wasn't very proud of it and pointed out a trick I had forgotten about. This changed everything and we decided to start over and make another, better wallpaper. I reached the point where I had all the graphics picked out and nothing on the canvas yet and we instantly knew I was going to make the first one look disgustingly disappointing. Comparing the old version of the wallpaper to the new one is actually pretty laughable. Obviously we were aiming for something that matched her case, so I decided that I wanted to make a very similar design. I think I nailed it."

Doing Back Bends for a Water Droplet

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "Mario and I were in the Arboretum today, and he spotted a little place along one of the creeks where there was a constant trickle of water. I watched as he struggled to lay down on the rocks without getting wet or dropping the camera, to take photographs of the drops. He was attempting to capture one in mid air. I became interested and decided to take a stab at it. Bending down in a similar fashion as Mario, my smaller size allowed me to get much closer, getting a better angle. After literally 30 shots of blurry water droplets, this photo was finally discovered. I'd pat myself on the back, but I think I may have pulled a muscle doing the pretzel position over the rocks to take this picture."

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don't Stop Taking Photos

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "Out of several pictures I took from the hip this is the only one that was actually in focus and pointed at the subject. Shooting from the hip never works out very well for me but this made me realize that its mainly because I don't take enough pictures when I'm doing it. Don't stop taking photos!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

         "There's going to be a build up of constraints the more you get into trying to find a scene to capture. You'll finally reach the point where the last thing you can do is create a scene yourself. This makes me excited because it opens up a world of endless possibilities. Before starting off into this, I want to drain the possibilities of the places around me first."

Monday, July 14, 2014

And The Most Careless Dragonfly Award Goes To...

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

           "I was out and about with my SLR taking pictures of flowers and out of the corner of my eye I noticed this giant dragonfly land on a dowel. I took a picture with the SLR but I knew one picture won't satisfy especially since I couldn't see if it even turned out right... I quickly jumped into my bag and setup my DSLR and began dialing in exposure. As I got closer to the dragonfly, it would fly away in fear but land back on the dowel without a care in the world. I eventually got very close and began spamming the shutter."

Who Let The Patients Out?

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "Bethany and I had finished eating at a Chinese cuisine in Chinatown. We began walking back toward Downtown Crossing, and out of nowhere we saw this hospital patient strolling down the street, talking to himself with a soda in his hand. He waved menacingly at his own reflection, addressing himself as a different person. His gown had two big brown stains on the front chest area. As if things couldn't get any weirder, people walking by were greeting him as if he were wearing a suit and tie. Bethany and I were the only people that saw this as something out of the ordinary."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Awkward Stop

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

         "As Bethany, her brother, and I were trudging in depression because of a horrible performance that day, my love for flower photography forced me to awkwardly stop and take a photo. They walked without noticing for a few seconds until they realized I disappeared."

"Check out my red feet, I just bought them."

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "I really loved his feet, and his facial expression is priceless. His face kinda looked like I had just burst into his dressing room and caught him shaving his legs."



Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "Mario, my brother and I were walking to the train station when we both simultaneously noticed some airplanes in the sky writing out a message. It took some figuring out, but eventually my brother realized that the weird "waffle" thing in the sky wasn't a discombobulated letter, it was actually a hashtag. '#GOSOX'"

The Last Undamaged Fuchsia Flower

Photographed By: Bethany Owens

          "When Mario and I went to the Boston Commons, we didn't find many flowers. When we stumbled upon a small garden next to a restaurant, we were stoked. While gazing into the small patch of flowers, we quickly realized that most of the flowers were severely damaged and just overall not something we wanted to photograph. Out of the many disfigured flowers, there were a select few that I had deemed presentable for a picture--this was one, and it was the last of its kind. This was my first successful flower photo."

Under The Bridge

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "As I knelt down to photograph beneath this bridge in The Public Garden and began focusing for the shot, I distinctly remember thinking, 'Wow, it really smells like pee under here.' After processing the photo and seeing how gorgeous the patterns turned out, I didn't regret going under the bridge one bit. The water is my favorite part."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Processing Break Through

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

           "As I was processing photos I'd taken yesterday, I experimented with all the options and discovered that by increasing the luminance I can effectively reduce noise in photographs. In almost all of the photos I've processed there has been a very noticeable amount of noise. Focus and noise are probably the biggest things I stress about when processing. Obviously focus isn't something you can fix in post-processing but if a photograph is even slightly blurry at the subject, it gets scrapped."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reversing Rings

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour
          "I didn't have anything planned for today, so I plugged the laptop into the charger and began reading and watching educational videos and blogs about photography. I got more in-depth with focal lengths and prime lenses. I learned more about digital sensors and cleaning your equipment, but the most exciting thing was discovering what lens reversing rings were. Just for experimentation I held a 35mm lens backwards up to the camera and took a great shot of a dirty utility blade. I'm not exactly sure what the weird red substance is."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Gorgeous Pigeon And His Comically Fat Pigeon Friend

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "When Mario and I entered the park, we noticed a large amount of pigeons roaming the area. Despite my prior opinion that all pigeons were the same and were pretty much all really gross, I ended up liking this one pigeon in particular. He was beautiful. In my attempts to take photos of him, for some odd reason, there was a second pigeon following him around. The second pigeon just so happened to fit the stereotypical pigeon--really, really ugly. He was ruining all of my shots by waddling around in the background, bobbing his short fat head around. Mario and I decided to name him the "Fat Friend" because he was just so comically overweight, and it really ruined everything. The top photo in this post was one of the few pictures I had managed to take of the rare gorgeous and sleek pigeon without his fat friend lingering in the background."


Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "While I was waiting for Bethany to join me for a photoshoot, I wandered around the station, State, looking for something interesting. I love to look for patterns and repetition, and as soon as I saw these posts I immediately began thinking about how to take the shot. Gettin' down and dirty, I knelt down on the dirty city sidewalk."


         One day, we ended up wondering around the city together, and started discussing photography. It became evident that we both had a strong interest in cameras and taking nice and professional pictures, and it was not long before we had made plans to explore new and old parts of Boston and photograph points of interest. This blog is our compilation of our favorite photographs from our repertoire. Enjoy, and keep exploring!

Little Photo People

Photographed By: Bethany Owens

          "I began getting in to photography in April of 2014. I wanted to see what I could do with an old digital point and shoot, so I ran out of the house and up to some tree blossoms to try to take a close up picture like the ones I had seen online. After some experimenting I had gotten a few pictures I liked and posted them on Facebook. Seeing how much people enjoyed the photos, I decided to make it a hobby to go out and shoot photos of flowers. One day after going on a trip to George's island, Bethany and I decided to hang out because the trip ended early and we had nothing to do. We talked and walked until our legs ached and the sun began setting over the horizon, but we'd discovered that we both have a passion for photography. We decided to motivate each other in pursuing our dreams and planned to devote a day just for photography. One thing lead to the other and now we're thinking about a small business and big future planes to travel around the east coast and do what we love."

Freelance Photographer
Specialty: Macro, Flowers

Photographed By: Mario Jarjour

          "For my entire life, I have always had an interest in photography. My mother would purchase disposable cameras for family functions, events, and just practical things. Feeling artsy, I always took the cameras she had lying around and take photos of anything and everything. Discovering the cameras later and developing the film, to my mothers dismay, the camera would be filled with dark and/or overexposed photographs of awkward things like doorknobs, chairs, my hands, and sometimes my feet. Even random and out of focus pictures of the floor. Obviously she was not happy with this outcome since she did need to pay money for these sorts of things, and I was totally wasting all of her film. When I got a bit older (age 12), I was finally given my own camera--digital this time. It was a pretty great camera for someone of my young age to own, and overtime, I began taking some pretty fantastic pictures with it. I ended up being the designated photographer for many family events, including two gigs where I actually received some money--this didn't happen until I was between 14 and 17 years old. I felt really official, and it was after that when I realized I wanted to make a living out of being a photographer. 
          I met Mario over a year ago, but we only recently connected and learned about each others interests. When we both realized we had the same passion, there was no other direction to go except forward in terms of our photography. Mario has been a fantastic partner--he teaches me a lot, and he has helped me figure out what I had an eye for. In our adventures, I have quickly learned what I love taking photos of the most, and it just so happens to be pigeons. I don't know why that is, or how it happened really, but it's just so. I love photographing pigeons. Maybe I can make it into a thing. There is always a ton of room for improvement, so I am taking the baby steps toward becoming a complete professional. Working with Mario has been one of the best things that ever happened to me, and he is truly one of my favorite people to spend time with. Watch out for my future pigeon photos."

Freelance Photographer
Specialty: Pigeons, Water