Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slow Neighborhood Stroll

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

           After a very fun day spent with a friend I ended up at home with nothing to do, so I decided to go for a long slow stroll around my neighborhood. It was very calming. I examined everything and took my time.

Transitioning out of "summer vacation mode" has gotten in the way of our Monday outings. We are trying to figure something out but for now there will be a shortage of posts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Modern, Yet Very Vintage, Bike.

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "This was one of the first shots I had taken using the fully manual film camera. Having only a few shots left on the reel, I wanted to only take photos I thought looked great. Taking a glimpse of my surroundings, this bike caught my attention. It was modern, yet vintage. I got down on one knee, adjusted my lens and such--then snapped the photo, having no idea how perfect it was. Mario developed the film, and vuala, here it is." (Taken in Back Bay, Boston)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Water Reflections

Photographed by: Mario Jarjour

          "We met up at 10 in morning and started the day by dropping off a roll of film. We then made our way to an entrance to the Arboretum and walked for 5 hours. We wandered without thinking about a way out and ended up in West Roxbury. We walked by a stream and I really liked the reflection the still water made. I snapped a burst of shots and this is what I got."

Flower Petal Trail

Photographed by: Bethany Owens

          "When Mario and I approached the bridge, I noticed this odd trail of flower petals. It was especially strange since there weren't really any flowers blooming in the woods, and if there were, they were very tiny and white. Seeing this made me imagine two lovers walking across the bridge, unknowingly leaving a trail of bright orange and yellow flower petals. It was a comforting sight since the rest of the woods was all green."

A Letter From Bethany

Dear viewers,
          Lately, I have been working more with my SLR (film) camera and have not taken very many photos with the DSLR (digital) camera. As you have all probably noticed, there has been a very obvious lack of blog posts--this is the reason why. After I have fulfilled my thirst for film cameras and gotten my share of good developed shots, I shall return to mainly using digital. Until then, expect nothing much of me on this blog. I do have a few shots here or there with the DSLR, though. They will be seldom shared.

Thanks for checking out our blog!
Bethany Owens <3